Novelist in Progess: J.A. Bennett

Novelist in progress…in which we chat with a promising soon-to-be-published author.

Name: J. A. Bennett_jenniecrop
Hometown: Orem, Utah
Author’s Website
Current Residence: Tooele, Utah
Favorite Read: Anything YA, especially romance.

Pet Peeves: Being late, and people who drive too slow ahead of me.
If You Weren’t a Writer You’d Be…Is there really any other option? For me it’s always been about
writing. I can’t see myself doing anything better. Can I be a professional reader? [Laughter]

Work in Progress: The Definition of Awkward, YA romance about a girl who’s well…awkward.

What I’m Learning About the Craft So Far: The number one thing I want to do is always Continue reading

Iain Rowan on The Short Story and Why He’s Against Writing Regimens

Name: Iain Rowanrowan4
Hometown: here, there and everywhere
Current Residence: Sunderland
Education: Degree and Masters in politics/international relations

I’ve had over thirty short stories published in a variety of genres, some of which have won awards or been reprinted in Year’s Best Anthology. My novel One of Us was shortlisted for the Crime Writers Association Debut Dagger award, and is published in print and ebook by infinityplus. Last year, I ran a project called 52 Songs, 52 Stories, in which I committed to write a short story every week of the year, each inspired by a song.
Awards: Derringer award for the Best Short Story; shortlisted CWA Debut Dagger
Favorite Read: Donna Tartt’s, A Secret History.
Pet Peeves: Oh, don’t get me started. Almost every ‘customer service’ department of every company ever.

If You Weren’t a Writer You’d Be…Someone with Continue reading

Zane Owen Yates On Creating The Detective Series Character

ZaneOwenYatesSqName: Zane Owen Yates
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Current Residence: Gold Coast, Australia
Favorite Read: I have been a big Clive Cussler fan since reading Raise the Titanic. I turned to short snappy eBooks about 3 years ago. Kindle on my iPad mini has nearly 300 books in my library, probably two-thirds are between 200 and 300 pages and split between Scifi, paranormal, adventure and mysteries.
Pet Peeves: Bullies, selfish people, lack of morals today.

If You Weren’t a Writer You’d Be… a software developer, designing and writing custom software. Oh wait, that’s my other job anyway.

How early in your life did you figure out your writing talent?
I had always been the joke and story teller among my friends from around sixteen years old, but I was a terrible writer, my grammar and spelling were disgusting and I didn’t really start putting words down Continue reading

Catie Rhodes on Character-Naming and The Importance of Establishing a Social Media Presence

rhodes cName: Catie Rhodes
Current Residence: Houston, Texas
Favorite Read: Hard question. There are so many books I’ve loved. I always recommend Joe by Larry Brown and/or The Killer Inside Me by Jim Thompson, so let’s go with those.
Pet Peeves: Entitlement-minded people.

If You Weren’t a Writer You’d Be…In my fantasies? An outlaw like Ava Crowder on Justified. In reality? Stuck at a mindlessly boring minimum wage job.

Up Next:
I’m releasing the next installment of the Peri Jean Mace Paranormal Mysteries on September 29th. I’ve sold a Peri Jean Mace short story to Allegories of the Tarot, which will be for sale October 31st.

At which point did you know that writing was going to be a big part of your life?
Summer of 2007. I’d wanted to “be a writer” my whole life, but I never took the steps to make it happen. In summer of 2007, I was at a crossroads in my life and was discouraged and frustrated by my prospects. I realized I still wanted to be a published writer. I accepted that Continue reading

Lin Anderson on How to Write Crime Fiction and Running a Book Festival in Scotland

lin anderson-photo Name: Lin Anderson
Hometown: Born in Greenock, Scotland
Current Residence: Edinburgh and Carrbridge
Education: MA Glasgow, Med Edinburgh, Masters in Screenwriting Napier Edinburgh
Curriculum Vitae:
Taught Math initially, then Computing Science for 17 years. Taught all over Scotland, including in the Highlands and Orkney islands as well as Glasgow, Haddington and eventually Edinburgh where I was Principal Teacher of Computing at George Watson’s College Edinburgh before leaving to write full time. I also spent five years in Nigeria, where I taught at Kano Capital School and Savannah Bush school. Have written eight books in the Dr. Rhona MacLeod forensic expert series.
Nominated for TAPS writer of the Year award with “Small Love”, Celtic Film Festival best drama for “River Child”, also Student Bafta for best short drama with “River Child”.

Favorite Read:
Too many to name, but if pushed possibly To Kill a Mockingbird, although Les Miserables ranks high too. It depends on the mood and the time.

Pet Peeves:
Don’t really have any.

If You Weren’t a Writer You’d Be…
I’ve done the other stuff first and finally come home.

Up Next:
The next and ninth in the Dr Rhona MacLeod series which comes out next year. Paths of the Dead is published by Pan Macmillan. I also have a new series launched next year, starring a Scot/Frenchman private investigator who the French call Le Limier (the fixer). Patrick de Courvoisier lives and works from an old French gunboat in the old port of Cannes. Also I wrote a feature script inspired by a short story of mine,”Dead Close”, which will be filmed in March next year. It’s a bit like Don’t Look Now, but features the old town and under town of Edinburgh rather than Venice.

What’s the literature scene like in Scotland?
Firing on all cylinders, especially Continue reading

Author Interview: Nicholas A. Rose On Conceptualizing The Fantasy Book Series

nicholas a. rose
Name: Nicholas A. Rose

Favorite Read: Far too many to list. I’m reading nothing at the moment because I’writing (always wise to keep the two apart), but I love anything by Brandon Sanderson or Lee Childs.

Flint, in North Wales

Known for: The Markan Trilogy, and the Gifted Series

Authors Who’ve Influenced him:
Probably every author has some influence, sometimes even if only to say: “I’m not doing it that way!” When younger, Susan Cooper, Alan Garner and Arthur Ransome were probably most influential in sparking my interest in books. All three craft wonderful stories. As an adult, it’s far harder to single authors out. Some are better than others at storytelling,while some can craft their books to keep the pages turning. There are probably far more influences on my writing than I’d like to admit to! Continue reading

5 Most Intriguing Book Trailers

Book trailers have proved to be icing on the cake when it comes to book promotion and marketing. How many times have you been browsing on YouTube, only to come across a book trailer for a book in a genre that you normally would not read! Yet, after viewing said book trailer, you made a note of the book’s title and the author!

Here are 5 book trailers that we find simply creative, and at times breathtaking. Continue reading