Author Interview: Nicholas A. Rose On Conceptualizing The Fantasy Book Series

nicholas a. rose
Name: Nicholas A. Rose

Favorite Read: Far too many to list. I’m reading nothing at the moment because I’writing (always wise to keep the two apart), but I love anything by Brandon Sanderson or Lee Childs.

Flint, in North Wales

Known for: The Markan Trilogy, and the Gifted Series

Authors Who’ve Influenced him:
Probably every author has some influence, sometimes even if only to say: “I’m not doing it that way!” When younger, Susan Cooper, Alan Garner and Arthur Ransome were probably most influential in sparking my interest in books. All three craft wonderful stories. As an adult, it’s far harder to single authors out. Some are better than others at storytelling,while some can craft their books to keep the pages turning. There are probably far more influences on my writing than I’d like to admit to!

Was fantasy the first genre that you tried?
Yes, it is, and also the only genre I publish. However, I do write short stories in other genres, mostly for practice, which I use sometimes in my larger works.

Would you consider writing in other genres?
I’d consider it, but I have a feeling it’s unlikely to happen.

The writer Carol Kauffman wrote this article about whether being indoors had a bearing on a writer’s ability to create. What has been your experience?
My local climate doesn’t encourage outdoor writing, but I also love walking and hiking. The countryside certainly helps the creative thoughts flow!

All your covers have this uniform look, obviously to reinforce your branding. How involved are you in the book design process?
Joleene Naylor does all my book covers. I suggest the elements needed in the design, and Joleene does the rest. I’m not a graphic artist, I realise that there’s a thin line between suggestion and interference. If needed, concept sketches are done first, but I usually leave her alone to work her magic.She also uses the same font in each trilogy, which also helps identify which book belongs where.

Was The Markan trilogy originally conceptualized as a series?
It was. The central theme is about winning a throne that has stood empty for more than two centuries. Apart from the main contenders’ stories, there are a lot of supporting characters who also have stories of their own. It quickly became a trilogy even in the planning stage. And there are hundreds of avenues to explore.The first trilogy deals with who won the throne, but what comes next? Are people happy with their new ruler? What trouble does it cause? It’s beginning to look more like a trilogy of trilogies! And that was even before I wrote the first word of Markan Throne.

What advice would you give yourself if you were publishing your first book right now?
Get a good editor. These are worth their weight in gold. Seriously. There’s always something you miss when you’re as close to your work as a writer. I’ve recently started working with Stephanie Dagg, and I’m so impressed that I’ll continue working with her.

What usually keeps you from finishing a book?
Luckily, I’ve never had to abandon a book, though I often have to rework one that hasn’t turned out quite as expected. This happened with Gifted Avenger, which slowed its completion.

nicholas a. rose-book

Any tips on how to beat writer’s block?
You must always write every day. Whether it’s a sentence, a paragraph or page, even if you throw away tomorrow what you write today. The creative part of the brain needs frequent and rigorous exercise to work properly. So always write every day!

What’s the hardest thing about being an author?
Probably the loneliness of what we do. Even surrounded by tea, research books and a comfy chair, it’s still a very lonely profession. Readers’ delight always makes it worthwhile however! I’m stricter with myself than most: the computer I use for writing doesn’t even connect to the internet. At least this means that I must leave my study sometimes, even if only to be sociable to the rest of the world!

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