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Hometown: Concord, New Hampshire
Current Residence: Marco Island, Florida
Education: B.A. and M.A.
Briefly: Two-time all-around gymnastics state champion waaaay back when in New Hampshire for Class III and Level 8.
Favorite Read: Too many to name, but Atlas Shrugged defined me in high school.
Pet Peeves: People putting on cosmetics in cars while driving, and people who say they don’t read books.
If You Weren’t a Writer You’d Be… dead.
Up Next: Preparing for South Beach book two’s release, revising book three, and remembering to enjoy the journey.

Who was your favorite romance novelist growing up?
I devoured romance novels as teen! Too many great authors to name just one.

One of the things that you do as a romance writer is come up with obstacles for your male and female protagonist. The initial Falling in Love, then The Break-Up and Make-up.

What I love most about writing romance is the journey of the characters. I love love and relationships and the pursuit of the happily ever after. I consider romance novels the perfect how to books! I’ve blogged about it.

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Do you think romance novels have a strong influence on how young girls measure their satisfaction in a relationship later on in life?

Oh! What a great question! I think young girls learn something from romance novels, as with all books, but it depends on how they interpret the happily ever after. I think they will definitely connect with a certain type of hero and look to find that guy—alpha, beta, geek, firefighter, corporate shark, etc—in real life. But with every hero, there’s the heroine who is his perfect match. It depends on whether or not the young girl is naturally compatible with the type of guy she’s attracted to. So my short answer is yes.

Do you happen to have a writing ritual?

Nothing concrete. I stretch before every writing session. That’s about it for a writing ritual.

Your novella The Valentine’s Day Challenge has rave reviews on Amazon. How long did it take you to finish it from conception to completion?

Thanks for noticing! I love everyone who takes the time to write a review. I think anyone who takes the time to read my words is amazingly awesome, so I’m especially grateful for readers who leave reviews. This novella took me one weekend to write. Hubby and I take long weekend getaways, and I thought about what I would write while we were driving. Then, Friday afternoon and Saturday day I wrote the novella. Sunday morning I revised and sent it to my agent. But that’s not counting the weeks of revisions after receiving my editor’s edits.

Have you ever been issued a Valentine’s Day challenge?

Not like the novella! [Smiles]

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