Author Catherine Bybee On Facebook Groups And Life-Write Balance

catherine bybee-photoName: Catherine Bybee
Author’s Websites
Hometown: Washington State
Current Residence: Southern California
Education: LAC USC County School of Nursing (Yeah, I’m an RN)
Brief: New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, #1 Amazon Bestseller. Yadda, yadda.
Favorite Read: Too many to pick just one.
Pet Peeves: Oh, now… we don’t want to get into that…do we?
If You Weren’t a Writer You’d Be…A wanna-be writer.
What You Have Lined Up Next: I have a time travel being released in November. Highland Protector is book five in my series. And book four of my Weekday Bride series, Single by Saturday, is being released in January 2014. I’ll be writing a fifth book in my bride series and forth book in my Not Quite series in the next six months. Release dates TBA.

You have written so many romance novels. Do you think that Prince Charming can truly exist for some people?

I think everyone has someone out there for them. He might not be a Prince…might not even be charming all the time, but there is someone for everyone.

Wife By Wednesday was originally self-published. Would you have gone that route, knowing everything you know now?

I wouldn’t change the journey of Wife by Wednesday for anything. And I still self publish some of my work. All my paranormals and time travels are Indie. I see no reason to put all my eggs in any one basket.

Now, with romance novels…do you think there are certain elements that a romance novelist cannot do without?

If you’re talking about in real life, then no. I think writers write even if they are happily married or searching for Mr. Right. If you’re talking about elements in a story…then yes. I think there are many things that are needed for a book to resonate with readers. From chemistry to dialogue, many things are important for a romantic novel to work.

Have you ever started a book, and had to put it on pause, because an idea occurred to you, that came to you more easily?

Yes, many times. There are several two chapter in stories cluttering my hard drive.

How did the interest in time traveling begin?

I’ve always loved time travel romance and don’t feel there are enough of them out there. I think readers of historical romance often picture themselves in the shoes of the heroine so writing time travel is nothing more than extension of that.

In addition to being an author, you are a wife and mother. What tips do you have to offer to other writers in regards to life-writing balance?

I’m not sure I’m the one to ask about balance. I’m a workaholic and often miss the boat with balance. I do make sure my family is taken care of, but I find myself working more than watching TV or even reading these days.

There’s the Catherine Bybee Facebook group. What role has it played in your marketing success

My Chatty Cathy’s are my street team. I just started that group this year and have found the ladies in the group to be my most faithful supporters and fan club. Certainly they have helped spread the word, but more than that, they offer support to me on many levels. For that I’m very thankful.

Have you ever thought of writing under a pen name? I do write under a pen name. [Grins]

catherine bybee

What led to your using a pen name?

I’m the mother of sons and writing romance can raise an eyebrow or two. I wanted a little privacy for them.

What tips do you have on choosing a pen name?

Stick with a pen name you will respond to. My first name is Catherine so it’s only the last name that took a little time to get used to hearing. And Bybee is a family name so that helps. The other thing that went into picking a pen name was the availability of a .com – which is important in the online world.

“I’m going to write a book one day.” We hear that little statement constantly. How can an aspiring author go from wishing to actually writing?

Write! There is no way around this step to writing a novel. Don’t tell me how you don’t have time, how you wish… just sit your butt in the chair and write!

Let’s talk about Not Quite Enough. How did the idea for it originate?

It’s the third book in the series so you can say the book originated from book one. Monica’s character has been developing throughout all the books and it was time for her HEA. Not to mention all my years working in the ER came to play in this novel. I have lots of ER stories to tell.

Do you ever have to deal with writer’s block?

Not block, really… more like a speed bump. I just write through it, get something on the page and edit it later if it sucks.

You’re a NY Times and a USA Today best-selling author.

Hitting these lists…and doing it with an indie published title was two of the best days in my life. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d see my name alongside so many of my author crushes.

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  1. I learn more about you all the time Catherine. Great 🙂 and because you know I’m going to say it. Bring on Rick’s story 😉

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