Author Suzanne Redfearn On Outlining and Indexing Scenes And Doing Research For Novels

suzanne redfearnName: Suzanne Redfearn
Author’s Website,
Hometown: Laguna Beach, CA
Based In: Laguna Beach, CA
Education: BS Marketing, California State University, Long Beach Masters of Architecture, California Polytechnic University, Pomona
Introduce Yourself: Hi, I’m Suzanne. Thank you for inviting me to give an interview. Like my protagonist, I am an architect who lives in Laguna Beach, California. I have two kids, and my husband and I own a restaurant called Lumberyard.
Favorite Read: The Power of One, Bryce Courtenay
Author Crush: Richard Castle of course. Who wouldn’t be in love with a dashing, creative, heroic author who fights crime using the creative process and reference to literature, who plays poker with James Patterson, and who, like McIver, can escape any danger with only a paper clip and a cell phone.
Pet Peeves: It’s not so much a pet peeve as an amusing observation. Men cannot resist directing traffic at four-way stops. Check it out. At least half the time, a man will waggle his fingers, giving you permission to proceed.
If You Weren’t a Writer You’d Be…The Amazing Race host – travel the world at a breakneck pace, staying in first-class accommodations, and have crazy pairs racing to find me.
What You Have Lined Up Next: I’m halfway through my next novel, and though it’s an utter mess at the moment, I love the concept and can’t wait to finish it and send it into the world.

When you were little, were you the type of child who preferred books to candy?

I liked both. [Smiles]

Prior to writing Hush Little Baby, did you complete any other novels?

Hush Little Baby is my fifth novel, but the only one yet to be published.

Domestic violence and escaping an abuser is the very crux of Hush Little Baby. As you wrote the novel, did you visit shelters to get a grasp on this social issue?

I did not visit shelters, but I did extensive research on the subject and what I found most disturbing was the psychological subterfuge that creates the entrapment. It made me realize that every woman is susceptible to that kind of fear and manipulation. I became incredibly sympathetic to victims of domestic violence and much more understanding of their plight. To those affected by such issues I would say don’t let vanity and pride stop you from getting help. There are resources available, but you need to have the courage to reach out and ask for help.

suzanne redfearn book cover

Were there moments that you found it extremely difficult to put words down?

Writing a novel a monumental task and requires an incredible amount of perseverance. I never have a problem putting words down, but I often struggle to put the right words down. The trick is to just keep writing and keeping the faith that you can fix it later.

How did you prepare for the release of your book?

I said yes to every opportunity that came my way. It’s been an amazing journey and I’ve tried to enjoy each moment without looking too far into the future.

Some authors would rather read obituaries all day then read their own reviews. Are you one of those types?

No way. I love hearing what reviewers have to say. It’s the best part. Everyone’s perspective is so different. Good or bad, it’s incredibly cool hearing each unique interpretation.

What do you like most about writing a suspense novel?

I love that I have no idea where it’s going. It’s my job to build the tension, to ratchet it up page by page, heap on the trouble and the danger, but then I need to get the character out of it. I lost a lot of sleep figuring out how Jillian was going to survive the mess I put her in.

Did you make use of beta readers?

We did have ARCs that were sent out to select readers a few months before pub date, mostly for author quotes and advance reviews.

Are you a fan of outlining and indexing scenes?

Nope. I dive in and hang on for the ride with no idea of where the story might take me. I knew Hush Little Baby was a story about marital sabotage – the ability one spouse has to destroy another. I also knew I wanted to explore the idea of the evil and good within each of us and what circumstances can drive someone to do something they never believed they were capable of doing before. Once that was established, I started to write and allowed the story to flow where it did.

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