Novelist in Progress: Bethany Crandell

Novelist in progress…in which we get to know an author before the release date.

bethany crandellName: Bethany Crandell
Author’s Website, Goodreads Page
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Based In: La Mesa, CA (8 miles east of downtown San Diego)
Favorite Read: Hi, I’m Bethany and I’m a book slut. I typically fall in love with whatever I’m reading at the time and then move on to the next one.
Pet Peeves: Drivers who don’t use their blinkers. The sound of people eating popcorn at the movies. The checker at my grocery store who thinks his cartoon voices are funny.
Fiction-How-To or Publishing Book You’ve Found Most Helpful: Bird by Bird, Anne Lamott
If You Weren’t a Writer You’d Be…hugging myself in a padded cell.
Work in Progress: Stalking Whitney Houston, a contemporary YA about a girl trying to figure out who she is, not who her mother wants her to be.
What I’m Learning About the Craft So Far: Outside opinions are valuable, and quite often help you see things you didn’t see yourself, but your own gut is always your best advisor.
How I Deal With Writer’s Block: Just keep writing. Even if it’s crap.
My Plot Philosophy: Let your characters help you tell the story. It’s essential to have an idea of where the story is going, but once your characters come to life allow them the room they need to tell their story. Don’t be afraid of where they take you.
My Long Term Plan As An Author: To write the stories that are inside of me regardless if anyone else gets them.

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