Helen C. Johannes On Her Writing Process And Where She Gets Her Ideas

Name: Helen C. Johannes
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Hometown: I grew up an Army brat, but the closest thing I have to a hometown is Stevens Point, Wisconsin.
Based In: Central Wisconsin
Education: MST in the Teaching of English.
Briefly: Author of The Prince of Val-Feyridge and Bloodstone. Awards: 2011 EPIC Award for Fantasy Romance, 2011 Launching a Star Award for Fantasy Romance, 14th Annual PRISM Finalist in Fantasy Romance, Wisconsin Writers’ Association Jade Ring winner in Short Fiction.
Favorite Read: Anything by Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Rick Riordan, Jennifer Crusie among a long list of others. I read romance, fantasy, young adult, mystery, and historical genres.
Pet Peeves: Cliffhanger books from newbie authors and blatant author intrusion (Hector didn’t know it yet, but he was about to…)
If You Weren’t a Writer You’d Be…An English teacher—my day job.
Author Crush: I’d love to pick Rick Riordan’s brain.
Fiction or General Publishing How-To Book You’d Recommend: Michael Hague and Chris Vogler’s joint workshop on story structure and the hero’s journey on DVD
Up Next: A sequel to The Prince of Val Feyridge, a novella, a children’s fantasy, and perhaps a sequel to Bloodstone.

Can you think back to the first book-related memory that you have?

My earliest favorite book was a collection of fairy tales for young readers. Besides the well-known tales of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, this one had stories like The Donkey Prince, Snow White and Rose Red, The Tin Soldier, and The Dancing Princesses, to name a few. I’ve always been Continue reading

Author Interview: Nicholas A. Rose On Conceptualizing The Fantasy Book Series

nicholas a. rose
Name: Nicholas A. Rose

Favorite Read: Far too many to list. I’m reading nothing at the moment because I’writing (always wise to keep the two apart), but I love anything by Brandon Sanderson or Lee Childs.

Flint, in North Wales

Known for: The Markan Trilogy, and the Gifted Series

Authors Who’ve Influenced him:
Probably every author has some influence, sometimes even if only to say: “I’m not doing it that way!” When younger, Susan Cooper, Alan Garner and Arthur Ransome were probably most influential in sparking my interest in books. All three craft wonderful stories. As an adult, it’s far harder to single authors out. Some are better than others at storytelling,while some can craft their books to keep the pages turning. There are probably far more influences on my writing than I’d like to admit to! Continue reading