Book Industry Peeps: Karen Chilton, Audiobook Narrator On How Audiobooks Come To Be

KAREN CHILTON headshot[1]And now beloved Litjuicers, the time has come to have segments about the industry lads and lasses who enhance every litjuicer’s audio reads experience. Today’s guest is Karen Chilton. Karen Chilton is a renowned audibook narrator. I first came across her name on the novelist Hugh Howey’s blog. He could not stop raving about her skills for the audio version of his book Sand!

Name: Karen Chilton

Litjuice Occupation: Audiobook Voice Artist/Book Narrator

Favorite Read: My list of favorite books and favorite authors is quite long—everything by Alice Walker, Toni Morrison and James Baldwin—but one of my all-time favorite novels is The Temple of My Familiar by Alice Walker. It was the first book I ever read that once I finished, I turned to page one and started it all over again because I didn’t want to let it go. As a narrator, I’d have to say I’ve Got A Home in Glory Land by Karolyn Smardz Frost was one of the most challenging and most rewarding works I’ve recorded thus far. Also Trade Wind by M.M. Kaye was a mammoth undertaking—an ancient story in a foreign land with varied characters, dozens of dialects, classical writing. Narrating the book I authored on jazz pianist Hazel Scott wasn’t a bad gig either.

How did you get interested in audio book narration?

I’m a professional actor and writer. Narration is Continue reading