Carol Drinkwater On Being An Actress-Filmmaker-Novelist + Her Advice to Newbies

Carol Drinkwater-detail-1Name: Carol Drinkwater

Hometown: I was born in London and spent my childhood between my mother’s family farm in Ireland and an Irish convent in Kent in England.

Current Residence: I live between Paris and on an olive farm above the hills of Cannes, overlooking the French Riviera.

Favorite Read: there are so many and they have changed at different stages in my life. One or two that remain eternal for me are The End of the Affair Graham Greene, The House of Spirits—Isabel Allende, The Lover—Marguerite Duras.

Fiction-how-to-book You’d Recommend: I have never read a fiction how-to book. I occasionally teach workshops for Memoir/Life Writing. I do not think that writing fiction or non-fiction is so different. In all cases, a riveting story is what counts. Stephen King has written a fine book on the art of writing—On Writing. There are many such books but I single this one out because it is also autobiographical and so proves its case succinctly.

Pet Peeves: Many!

If You Weren’t a Writer You’d Be…I was first and foremost an actress. I continue to work in film, having written five documentary films – series entitled The Olive Route – inspired by two my books The Olive Route and The Olive Tree. I regularly record the narration for some of my husband’s documentary films.

Up Next: I have my second Kindle Single being published in the next few weeks entitled Hotel Paradise. The first The Girl in Room Fourteen reached number one in Kindle Singles both sides of the Atlantic so I am excited for this new one.

I have a young adult, First World War love story entitled The Only Girl in the World being published in April.

When you think of your childhood in Ireland, what book-related memories immediately come up in your mind?

I read very little back then and my life was very much an outdoor one. The wonderfully evocative stories of William Trevor and Edna O’Brien always draw me back to that early life.

When you’re writing…does the filmmaker and actress in you ever interfere with the novelist in you?

They are all part and parcel of the Continue reading