Novelist in Progess: J.A. Bennett

Novelist in progress…in which we chat with a promising soon-to-be-published author.

Name: J. A. Bennett_jenniecrop
Hometown: Orem, Utah
Author’s Website
Current Residence: Tooele, Utah
Favorite Read: Anything YA, especially romance.

Pet Peeves: Being late, and people who drive too slow ahead of me.
If You Weren’t a Writer You’d Be…Is there really any other option? For me it’s always been about
writing. I can’t see myself doing anything better. Can I be a professional reader? [Laughter]

Work in Progress: The Definition of Awkward, YA romance about a girl who’s well…awkward.

What I’m Learning About the Craft So Far: The number one thing I want to do is always Continue reading