Lisa O’Donnell On The Importance Of Giving Characters Unique Voices + Authenticity in Dialogue Writing

lisa odonell

Name: Lisa O’Donnell
Author’s Website
Hometown: Rothesay, Isle of Bute
Based In: Scotland.
Education: Diploma in Publishing from The Robert Gordon University, BA Communication and Media Studies Glasgow Caledonian University.
Introduce Yourself: My name is Lisa O’Donnell. I have two gorgeous children. Max and Christie. They’re my world and I write books to impress them.
Favorite Read: Last year I read a great book called These Things Happen by Richard Kramer. I highly recommend it. I also loved Tony Hogan Bought me an Ice Cream Float Before She Stole My Ma by Kerry Hudson. Both books are coming of age tales and written with strong insightful voices. I love these authors.
Author Crush: Kerry Hudson’s Tony Hogan Bought me an Ice Cream Float Before She Stole My Ma. This author is going to do great things. I’m sure of it.
Pet Peeves: Those people who say things like “Look, I’m just someone who says what they think, okay?” like it’s a virtue. I mean seriously. Who wants to know everything a person thinks. Sometimes it’s best to keep your thoughts in your head.
Fiction How-To-Book You’d Recommend: I haven’t read any. I should though. Do you recommend any?
If You Weren’t a Writer You’d Be…miserable.
What You Have Lined Up Next: Top secret.

How did you celebrate the announcement that you were the Regional winner of The Commonwealth Book Prize 2013?

A trip to Paris with my children.

Do you remember where you were when you heard the news?

I was in LA at the time and Continue reading