Who Is Kat and What’s LitJuice?

LitJuice…In the Beginning

I wanted to start a blog like this one some time ago. I love books, and I read Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina (on my own) before I turned 16. I’ve always wanted to have a website where I’d be able to interview authors, but this year, I decided to buy the domain LitJuice….this way I could stop dreaming, and actually bring the site to fruition. Actually, I had bought web domains to segment out different genres, but after realizing how much work goes into a blog, wooh, I preferred to have just one, and call it a day.

My grandma died and a bunch of my friends’ grandmas/pas died last year, and this made me realize how important it is to stop fantasizing, and to start launching. Our time is shorter than we really think it is. Of course, I’ve always known that, been told that, but I always felt that it was never the right time.

The site…

Now, isn’t the name LitJuice rather cute? I thought of it all by myself! Everything else seemed to be taken, and I wanted something short and memorable.

I think LitJuice.com will serve several purposes 1) To get aspiring authors like myself the opportunity to learn from established authors 2) To get established authors stories’ out there, to motivate others. There’s very few things as stimulating for me, as to read author interviews (whether on a blog such as this one, or on YouTube). I know that a lot of people out there get ideas on what to read from blogs more than any other source. 3) Create a sense of community among self-published and traditionally published authors alike.

About Me…Kat

Now, I’ve already said I am an aspiring author.

I’m currently working on a retelling of Cinderella. I started writing it years ago, but because of a lot of these self-publishing articles and interviews I’ve been reading…I felt the need to bring it out from one of my old jump drives, and revise it. I also have some other book projects and book ideas. That’s pretty much what I’m doing now. I’m also working towards a degree. I love to write and blog. I spend a lot of my time watching TED talks, inspirational and motivational videos on YouTube, and reading Tweets from successful people. I don’t have any pets, though I’d like to. In terms of cereals, Fruit Loops really does it for me.

The Anatomy of LitJuice

I try to have a mix of different authors on the site…I also started a Novel in Progress section (so far, two entries) to give the chance for will-be authors to get the word out on what they’re working on, without revealing too much about the plot.

I am trying to build a community of sort, if I can. That Cinderella retelling I was telling you about earlier, is a novella (I initially wrote it as a kiddie book, but I felt at times that some of the themes I explored are more like YA). I’m planning on pubbing it on the Kindle.

I didn’t start this site because I have a novella in the plans; I mainly started it, because I love books (It just so happens that I have a novella I plan to publish), and I love reading about authors’ experiences in publishing and I know that there’s a bunch of people who like to do the same too.

Even More About Me

And I’ve completed three screenplays. One of them I’ve adapted into a novel.

I live on the East coast. I’m Haitian. I love my family and friends. I love the movies, especially old ones. I saw Girl With a Pearl Earring and loved the cinematography. I love old movies. If you haven’t seen Babette’s Feast, I say see it. Girl With a Pearl Earring too.

Have you seen Baz Luhrman’s The Great Gatsby? I really loved the costumes; the direction was great. But that soundtrack was so anachronistic, and ugh, so out of place. Just my humble opinion.

So welcome…hang out…and enjoy! Toodles!

Contact Me

Oh, and feel free to drop me a line at LitJuiceMail [at]Gmail[dot]com

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